2 August, 2016

A new responsibility

A new responsibility falls on Max and Richard ...

In chapter eleven of Golton Island, following a tragedy, a new responsibility falls on Max in particular regarding Rory.

In this excerpt Richard and Max are discussing that at the end of the day.

Richard says to Max:

“Yeah, you could be right, and how do you feel about now having to take full responsibility for Rory’s welfare?”
“Oh, I feel very comfortable with that, but I’m also truly glad that we took legal advice about guardianship right from the start. The way our solicitor set that up, the guardianship document almost foresaw what has now happened. Anyway, it has happened; until he is eighteen, Rory is now totally my responsibility, and I have you to be my partner in this. I should ask you, however, is that okay with you?”
“Absolutely, and in one move of fate, you and I have become Rory’s replacement parents.”



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