10 November, 2016

Douglas Gellatly Novels Gratis

All Douglas Gellatly's novels are now available gratis...

I was recently reflecting on why I write.
When I thought about it, was it for the money? My answer would be, no, but I have covered my costs in publishing my four volumes.
Is it for my own pleasure? Is it tackling a challenge, to simply do it ... to publish a book online as an ebook? I’d have to say, yes.
Is it for the enjoyment of others? Oh, yes. And on further reflection that is probably the major reason that I write, that others might be entertained.
So, to carry that thought forward, I have decided to make all my novels — Lake Brambruck, Golton Island, Corker’s Creek and Mount Zero — available for free.
I am also aware that there are people in the world who cannot afford even a small amount of money for an ebook, so I am thinking of them too.
With that, I wish you, all of my readers, happy reading. And if you are inclined, please feel free to write a small review in the website of whichever retailer you did your download from. That is reward enough for me.

All the books are available at the following retailers by clicking on the links below:


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