29 April, 2016

Golton Island Scene, a new relative

Max is amazed to find he has relatives living in the Wimmera ...

In chapter four of Golton Island Max and Richard are inspecting the site of their new funeral home when a car pulls up on the main road and a woman gets out to approach them ...


“The small, thin woman, walking determinably across the road from her battered old yellow Holden station wagon, cast her eyes over the board erected at the edge of the building site which announced, This is the site for the new funeral home of McPherson and Clark, Funeral Directors, brushed her lanky shoulder-length hair from her face with her narrow hand, looked at the group of four men as she approached, and, focussing on Max, said, “Hello Max, I’m yer sister-in-law.”
Richard quietly said to the architect and Trent, “We’ll catch up with you soon.”
Surprised by what he had just heard, Max asked, his eyes narrowing quizzically, “As I don’t know you, how do you know that you are my sister-in-law?”
“‘I know ‘cos I seen yer pitcha in the paper a few weeks ago, that’s how.”
“O-kaay, so if you are my sister-in-law, which of my brothers are you married to?” Max asked, unsure of the visitor.
“Lyle, I’m married to Lyle, and when I seen that pitcha on the front page I says to him, ‘Is this yer brother in this pitcha?’ He said he hadn’t seen yer since yer left Brisbane to go and work in the outback of Queensland, but, yeah, that was you all right, ‘cos you’ve always looked so Maori, he reckons.”
Taken further aback, Max asked, “Where do you and Lyle live then, if you saw my picture in the Wimmera Mail-Times?
“We live at Dimboola—we’ve lived there for about three years now, and Lyle’s a ganger on the railways.”

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