6 June, 2016

Golton Island a Revelation

An excerpt ... a revelation.

In Chapter Seven of Golton Island a new gardener arrives on business matters, and Richard and Max's friend Ivy Pascoe is there too...


“You’re right,” Ivy responded. “Now tell me about your ute, it’s uncommonly clean and polished for a gardener’s ute.”
“That’s my pride and joy. It was more or less given to me not long before I left Adelaide, and I like to look after it in memory of the man who provided the money for it. The money actually came from an unexpected inheritance from that man. I used to do gardening for this wealthy man, who was always very nice to me, and he provided enough for me in his will when he died for me to buy the ute. My portion would have been minuscule compared to the rest of his estate though.”
Pricking his ears, Richard asked, “Who was the man who died?”
“An old single man who lived in a very nice house in North Adelaide, with a high brick fence right around his property, and he had a swimming pool in the back yard.”
“Was his surname the same as mine, McPherson?”
“Yes, George McPherson; he made his money, and it would have been millions, from running a concrete pipe business and he owned a quarry as well. I never heard—probably appropriately—what happened to the bulk of his estate. And I never knew what he had by way of relatives. Why are you and Max both grinning?”
“I can fill you in on Georges relatives, few as they are,” Richard said, still smiling. “To simplify the story, I inherited the bulk of George’s estate, and that is how we are able to finance the new funeral parlour.”
“Well, I’ll be buggered!” Trent exclaimed. “Oops, sorry Ivy, I forgot that I’m in the company of a lady.”



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