7 May, 2016

Golton Island, an embarrassing exchange

Max's new-found relatives come to visit Golton Island for the first time ...

Richard and Max are visited for the first time at Golton Island by Max's brother and his wife and their three teenage children.


“What’s that room there, then?” Rory asked, pointing to a room on the right just beyond the bathroom, and adjacent to the front door of the house.
“Rory, that one is our bedroom. Go and have a look in.”
Rory went over to the door and stepped into the room with Chugger following close behind. The others followed as well, and looked in through the doorway.
“There’s only one double bed in here!” Chugger exclaimed from inside the room.
“Of course there is, stupid; they’re faggots,” Dee-Zire blurted out from the doorway, now breaking her silence.
“What’s that mean?” Chugger asked.
“They’re poofters, dummy.”
“What’s that mean, then?”
Ignoring that Max and Richard were with them, Dee-Zire burst out with, “They are two men who do it with each other.”
“Aw, you’re awful; who told you that?”
“Dad did,” Dee-Zire divulged.
Charleen and Lyle exchanged glances as, separately, did Max and Richard.
“That’s enough you lot!” Charleen yelled at Dee-Zire and Chugger. “Get back to the kitchen!” The pair sniggered as they left the group.



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