3 June, 2016

Golton Island further embarrassment


An excerpt from Chapter Six of Golton Island...
Max escorted Peter into the chapel and together they walked up to Jim’s coffin, which Ronnie had respectfully positioned at the front of the chapel on the chapel trolley. The lid was in place but not screwed down. With Peter standing beside him, Max lifted the lid—and froze. Jim had not been shaved. Oooh, shit! Max thought to himself as he closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them again, Peter was looking straight at him, his mouth opened to speak, but no words were coming out.
“Peter, I am so sorry; I didn’t get a chance to check this until now,” Max said softly, clutching his hand to his face, his eyes searching Peter’s face. “Jim should have been shaved, and I left a message with our embalmer for that to happen. Oh, dear God, I feel for you, and I am so embarrassed!”
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