16 April, 2016

Golton Island scene, the new business

After their brief holiday in Ubud, Bali, Richard and Max commence their new business in Horsham, Victoria, Australia.  It is called McPherson & Clark, Funeral Directors.


“Shortly after, the front door opened again and Ivy Pasco walked in, smiling broadly and holding her arms out in clear joy. “Gentlemen, I couldn’t wait to come down and wish you both all the best for your new venture,” and she went up to each of them to give them a hug and a kiss, her buxom breasts pressing against each of them in turn. She then dug into her handbag and withdrew a box of chocolates for them and said, “Here’s a little something for you to celebrate your new venture.”
“Ivy, we thank you so very much, but as you are going to be working for us in a way, these chocolates are not necessary.”
“Oh, yes, for me they are. From the moment I sold you those Russian wedding bands that you each wear, thirteen years ago now, I’ve thought that you two are going to go somewhere here in Horsham. I’ve quietly watched you, and never changed my mind on that. You now stand before me as the two best looking funeral directors in Horsham, and I feel so proud that I know you. Congratulations to both of you! I am just so glad it is you who have taken over from Tony and Jan."



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