Corker's Creek

The final book in the Wimmera Trilogy by Douglas Gellatly, 

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I have just finished Corkers Creek.  Love it from start to finish - saved the last chapter for today did not want it to finish.



Opening lines of Corker's Creek

read by Douglas Gellatly

Corker’s Creek
by Douglas Gellatly

There’s something endearingly raw about Corker’s Creek … and what lies beneath its cover is not all tranquil.
In the small rural town of Corker’s Creek in the Wimmera district of Victoria, Australia, Rory Clark is the local GP and his life-partner, Danny Adkin, is a paramedic based at the nearby rural city of Horsham.
Between them, Rory and Danny find themselves entwined with the personal lives of many of the town’s characters.
There’s the cheerful Indian supermarket proprietors, Raj and Saraswati Singh;
The hairdresser and town gossiper, Hetty Crackjaw;
Curtis Sturrock, the self-important farm machinery dealer, and his idiosyncratic wife, Delma;
The pharmacist and local councillor, Byron Bright and his compulsively anxious wife, Mindy;
The town grump, Muriel Ferguson;
The landed gentry, Heiner and Anna Watkins;
Carl and Keri Jagger, the farm tenants at ‘Corker’s Creek Park’, where Rory and Danny live;
Monica Selby, the publican and her not-quite-right son, Alfie;
The farm-stay owners, Maureen and Frank Sondheim and their troubled daughter, Cynthia;
And, along with others, there’s also Daphne the emu.
In their first year at Corker’s Creek, Danny and Rory are drawn into ever increasing tension as the good citizens of the town and district navigate around each other – or collide.
The story ends with an unexpected event, which piles on top of other unforeseen events.


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