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Douglas now regards his first novel, "Lake Brambruck", as his 'trial' novel and offers it for free as it contains a few typos. However, it was revised for its inclusion in "The Wimmera Trilogy", known as "Mount Zero".

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I had been told that straight women enjoy Lake Brambruck equally as much as gay men and I can understand why.  Lake Brambruck is romantic, sensual and erotic.  This is a book that will be be enjoyed by a wide audience and not only for the love story; the Wimmera Collection is an expansive story encompassing the life experiences of a wide circle of friends, family and acquaintences  in rural Victoria.  

Not an old fashioned love story, but a new fashioned love story and a story of our times; the genuine love between Richard and Max. Explicit and adult, I throughly enjoyed every every development in the evolution of their love affair and relationship, and couldn't wait to read the sequel; Golton Island.  

This book is a love story, rather charmingly told by the author. The couple meet by chance and embark on a close relationship together in rural Australia. The author has been able to introduce his wide experience into the narrative to give the tale convincing verisimiltude. They enjoy an active sex life, which the writer does not neglect to describe in detail. The novel reaches a satisfying and memorable conclusion. I am looking forward to the sequel.  


Lake Brambruck

As Richard McPherson swam naked in Lake Brambruck in the dry northwest of Victoria, Australia, Max Clark literally walked into his life. They experience trials, dangers and intimacies as their relationship develops over the coming months and years. Their relationship is strengthened as their friendship with a neighbor brings the tale to its emotional climax.

"Shit, I'm out here in the water with nothing on, and he's closer to my clothes than I am!" So begins the relationship between Richard and Max at the remote Lake Brambruck in Wyperfield National Park in the northern Wimmera, Victoria, Australia. It's the mid-1970s in the conservative Wimmera district, and as the union between the two men strengthens, they experience dangers, frolicking fun, intimacy, homophobia and homophilia. On their conservation property, Golton Island, a Wimmera River island, their love deepens even further as they see more of a neighbor and the story heads towards its emotional ending.

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