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Mount Zero
The Wimmera Trilogy

Mount Zero is the "boxed set" of Douglas Gellatly's first three novels, Lake BrambruckGolton Island and Corker's Creek, and here collected together in the one volume as the Wimmera Trilogy.
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Grampians National Park

Mount Zero has been so named because it is a landmark feature in all three of my novels which are collected under this title as the Wimmera Trilogy.
As well, the real Mount Zero is a true landmark in the Wimmera landscape.
Mount Zero is the northern-most tip of the Grampians Ranges and is clearly visible from the Western Highway which links Melbourne and Adelaide.  It is also one of the nearest points of the Grampians National Park to the Western Highway. The peak has always been a real part of my own life and I have spent much time in this area - Flat Rock, Hollow Mountain, Golton Gorge, Bee Hive Falls, Roses Gap and, of course, Mount Zero.
The cover photograph was taken by me in early November, 2014.  This is how Mount Zero looks from the Western Highway and I have hardly amended the photo at all, except to add the words.  The foreground is a ripening Wimmera wheat crop.
The Australian explorer, Major Thomas Mitchell, climbed and named Mount Zero when he made his discovery exploration through this area of Australia in 1836.
There is a scene in my novel Lake Brambruck where Richard and Max are standing on the summit of Mount Zero and looking out at the surrounding flat Wimmera vista.
There is a similar scene in Golton Island.


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